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    Up to now, Minh Long Finance is continuing to develop into a comprehensive, sustainable digital financial system in order to contribute to the universalization of digital financial services to all Vietnamese people.

    To accomplish this, Minh Extended Finance’s control crew exceeding 10 years of expertise from the areas of Technology,Finance and Banking, etc. has generally proactively considered, judged, continuously and anticipated positive with business and strategies ideas suitable to all developments from the high incidence, such as although not limited to the next steps:

    1. Ensuring team safety, stable procedure and service provision

    Soon after greater than a 12 months of improvising using the Covid-19 pandemic, Minh Long Finance’s management staff quickly and promptly considered the increasing incidence situation and implemented remote working (WFH) with all staff. early on if the increasing incidence demonstrates indications of returning. This helps to ensure that the company constantly has ample man resources to provide and operate providers to customers.

    Whether or not operating slightly or in your own home, Minh Extended Finance’s staff nonetheless helps to ensure that monetary solutions presented to buyers and buyers are steady 24/7 based on a modern day electronic digital platform.

    2. Translucent expenditure monthly interest, making sure eco friendly development

    Minh Long Finance generally concentrates on business toward society, users and community. As this is the definitive component for the eco friendly progression of the company.

    Loan curiosity interest and rates costs for investment collaboration by way of Minh Long Finance will almost always be obvious, the smallest in the market. With a local community-focused aim, Minh Long Finance always offers, joins, which is generally end user-concentrated for lasting growth by means of practical thankfulness programs.

    Keep abreast of social, economic and market innovations. Activelyassess and prevent, and rapidly deploy versatile business strategies and plans in accordance with truth. Minh Extended Finance’s crew is devoted to offering customers and users with a safe, comprehensive and stable and environmentally friendly digital financial method – even in the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the condition of ” new normal” in afterwards stages.

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